How E-services Work

Breathing Spaces is now pleased to be able to offer online decorating and organising services. This new trend sweeping the US by storm provides an affordable online design option that allows anyone, anywhere in Australia, to retain our services.

You will need

  • Access to email
  • Access to a digital camera
  • A measuring tape

How it Works

1. Complete the required questionnaire/s here

2. Email photos of each wall in the room and the measurements including positions of doors and windows (see our How to Measure sheet for more information)

3. Sit back and relax while Breathing Spaces creates the perfect space for you!

Depending on your choice of packages, you will receive;

• A design concept board showing furniture, accessories and paint colours

• A floor plan illustrating the placement of furniture & accessories

• A detailed shopping list of all the design elements and where they can be purchased

• A detailed explanation on how to put the new space together