Monday, April 19, 2010

Running the Marathon of Autism

This month, Breathing Spaces is holding a raffle to support "Running the Marathon of Autism". 

Your donation directly supports the following goals:

  •  Providing training in the form of an Outreach where a Son-Rise Program teacher travels from the Autism Treatment Center of America to work specifically with Felicity and her family one on one in their home. 
  • Providing funding towards sending Felicity's mum to the United States for the 5 day 'Wide Awake' training course held at the Autism Treatment Center of America to further enhance the effectiveness of Felicity's Son-Rise Program
  • Providing on going bio-medical treatments for Felicity.

Here is more about Felicity.....

"Hi, my name is Felicity. I am 9 and a half years old. My mum is writing this for me because I can’t speak, read or write yet. I do have some words now and can say “up” and “mum” but before my Son-Rise Program I did not know how to ask for things with even a gesture, let alone a sound. I was unable tell my parents or teachers I was hungry or needed to go to the toilet!
I have been doing my Son-Rise Program for 4 years. This means I have a special play room in both my dads home and my mums home. By the way, I am home-schooled as you might have guessed. I love being home-schooled because it is quiet and uncluttered. I know where I am and what I am doing and I feel safe and loved. (I used to go to school but it was a scary place for me. Mum believes I felt very upset as I cried all the time).
I have some amazing friends (mum and dad call them volunteers) that regularly come and play with me in my play room. In there, life is amazing! My friends can create a game, song, activity... anything you can imagine. They are so much fun and they play with me the way I like to be played with. Sometimes I am very quiet and need to do my own thing for a while. The outside world and the people in it can be just so overwhelming. At these times my friends, my mum or dad will just sit with me and do exactly what I am doing alongside me and I find this so relaxing. It helps me to process what is going on around me and I need this time just so I can make sense of things. I love each and every one of my friends and am so excited to see them that I tell mum to go “out” of the playroom so I can play with them instead. My parents think they are very special people with hearts the size of the world.
Things I love to do:
* Bushwalking - sometimes I take myself for walks and scare the life out of mum!

* Singing - everyone who plays with me sings with me. I love it and know more tunes than you could think of.
* Swimming - last winter I jumped right off the jetty, near my home, with my clothes on and mum had to jump in after me. Boy, that was cold!
I like putting things up in and onto strange places. The trickier, the better. At dads house, we have so many things hanging from our living room light and I think that is absolute magic. Dad is often amazed at just how many things he can stack into a new tricky location that is above our heads.
My Son-Rise Program is so special to me so my mum wants to go to America in November to do some more training. In July this year our family is also doing what we call an OutReach where an accredited Son-Rise Program teacher visits us all the way from the Autism Treatment Center of America™ and works one on one with us and our volunteers for two whole days. This will help make my team gain so many new skills and ways to work with me in my Son-Rise Program
Oh, by the way, I am getting better! I am recovering from my Autism, step by step, day by day. I am slowly learning how to speak and my world makes so much more sense these days. If you see me, I am happy, I listen and understand what you say to me and I would want to hug you and play with you in my playroom."

To support Felicity in this fantastic program, purchase your tickets to win fantastic prizes!