Friday, April 30, 2010

What is a Mumpreneur?

Since starting my business in late 2007, I have been looking for ways to connect with other working mums, especially those who work from home, for advice, support and encouragement. I finally found it in April 2009 when I was invited to join 

Connect2Mums, an online community of fantastic women working, raising children and supporting one another through it all. Not only is Connect2Mums a great place to network with other business women, but I have made so many fantastic friends through this online community.

When I heard about the Connect2Mums 2010 Mumpreneurs Conference, I knew I just had to be there. Here is my post in a bid to win a ticket to the conference;

What is a “Mumpreneur”?

A “mumpreneur” can make dinner, deal with whining toddlers, help with homework and pack orders all at once;

A “mumpreneur” can make phone calls in her slippers with vegemite smeared on her top whilst still remaining (or at least sounding) professional;

A “mumpreneur” can hand make toys, take beautiful photographs, teach you how to use your accounting system or guide you through the maze of baby products on the market;

A “mumpreneur” will support other women, give advice and encouragement about raising kids and running a business and share a “virtual” glass of wine and block of chocolate with you on a Friday night;

A “mumpreneur” teaches her children the value of supporting others, that you can “be” whatever you want to be and the importance of doing something you love.

I am a “mumpreneur” and through the support of all the women at Connect2Mums, I have gained the knowledge and confidence to pursue my dream of working from home in my own business.

Love Jo xx